How to subtitle and translate your Zoom meetings with Authôt Live ?

To make your meetings ​accessible​ for everyone, you can subtitle them or automatically translate ​what is being said.

Here are the different steps to follow to add automatic subtitling to your Zoom meetings :

1 - Enabling subtitles on Zoom

Sign in and go to your account settings then in the ​advanced settings ​of your meeting to allow a third party to ​add closed captions. Once the captions are enabled, all you need to do ​is collect the​ API token.

2 - Automatic subtitling with Authôt Live

Log in to Authôt Live and create a ​​New Live. In the advanced settings of your Live, paste​ the API token ​you retrieved in your Zoom Room. Validate the settings and start your Live.

3 - Changing the display of your subtitles on Zoom.

Zoom offers different display modes for your subtitles. To change it, click on the “Accessibi​lity” tab in the video settings of your meeting.

4 - Manage the audio generated by the participants

In order to subtitle what the participants are saying, we advise you to create your meeting with a third party​ account (or an ​administrator account). Change the ​​audio settings of your microphone​ ​(Stereo Mix) so that you can record every interaction.

The quality of your subtitles will greatly depend on the quality of the ​recording (poor microphone quality might damage the end-result of the transcription and/or translation) and your Internet bandwidth. We recommend a minimum upload​ speed of 5Mbit per second with a TCP.