ZOOM Plugin

Internationalize your exchanges and make your video conferences accessible with the Authôt Live plugin for ZOOM!

In a few clicks, configure your account and display subtitles in the language of your choice.

Follow this guide to use Authôt Live with Zoom

1 - Installation

Go to the Zoom app marketplace, search for the application "Authot Live for ZOOM - Beta Version" and install it.During the installation, you will be asked for an authorization. It allows you to obtain a summary of the authorizations required for the plugin to work properly.

You will then be redirected to the "Connection" page of your Authôt Live account.

We invite you to connect in order to finalize the plugin configuration.

a - Description of the necessary authorizations


To properly configure a Live session, the plugin must be able to track events related to the launch of a Zoom Meeting.


  • meeting:read:admin : Allows you to see all the user's meetings to schedule Live Transcription.
  • meeting:write:admin : Allows you to view all the user's meetings to schedule Live Transcription and display subtitles.
  • user:read:admin : Allows the recovery of the user's information for the Authot Live application.

b - System requirements in Zoom

Warning! This step is very important for the ZOOM plugin to work.

Go to Settings (available here).
Click on 'In Meeting (Advanced)'.
Activate Manual Captions
Check the two boxes below:

      Allow host to type or assign a participant to type
      Allow use of caption API Token to integrate with 3rd-party Closed Captioning services
Activate Full transcript

Once this configuration is done, you can proceed to usage.

2 - Usage

To use the Authot Live for Zoom - Beta Version plugin nothing could be easier:
Once the plugin is installed, launch a Zoom meeting: your subtitles will appear in your Zoom meeting without any other manipulation.

Setting up

Do you want to change the transcription or translation language of your next ZOOM Meeting?
Log in to Authôt Live and access your profile. In the "External Services" tab, you will be able to view all the Live sessions made from external services.
Find your Zoom Meeting and modify your preferences by indicating the source and target languages, in the case of a Live Translation.

3 - Uninstall

You can uninstall the "Authot Live for Zoom - Beta Version" plugin from the Zoom interface. aaaa You will find it in the list of your plugins. aaaa Once uninstalled, it will not be launched automatically during your meetings

ZOOM API (Not for use in the ZOOM Marketplace)

How to subtitle and translate your Zoom meetings with Authôt Live ?

To make your meetings ​accessible​ for everyone, you can subtitle them or automatically translate ​what is being said.

Here are the different steps to follow to add automatic subtitling to your Zoom meetings :

1 - Enabling subtitles on Zoom

Sign in and go to your account settings then in the ​advanced settings ​of your meeting to allow a third party to ​add closed captions. Once the captions are enabled, all you need to do ​is collect the​ API token.

2 - Automatic subtitling with Authôt Live

Log in to Authôt Live and create a ​​New Live. In the advanced settings of your Live, paste​ the API token ​you retrieved in your Zoom Room. Validate the settings and start your Live.

3 - Changing the display of your subtitles on Zoom.

Zoom offers different display modes for your subtitles. To change it, click on the “Accessibi​lity” tab in the video settings of your meeting.

4 - Manage the audio generated by the participants

In order to subtitle what the participants are saying, we advise you to create your meeting with a third party​ account (or an ​administrator account). Change the ​​audio settings of your microphone​ ​(Stereo Mix) so that you can record every interaction.

The quality of your subtitles will greatly depend on the quality of the ​recording (poor microphone quality might damage the end-result of the transcription and/or translation) and your Internet bandwidth. We recommend a minimum upload​ speed of 5Mbit per second with a TCP.